Promise Land – Let The Groove (Original Mix)


Promise Land – Let The Groove (Original Mix) [Bomb Alert !!!] The fall is in full swing and Sosumi Records continues the playlist onslaught with the latest track from Promise Land – Let the Groove. On now their second release with the label the guys from Italy switch the script and deliver a tribal laced, bumping, grooving peak time destroyer of a record.
The drums begin from the outset building into a thumpy kick until the chant worthy breakdown entices the crowd to ‘Let the Groove’ get in before the climactic drop brings all the previously mentioned elements together in an anthemic ensemble of percussion and ‘feel’ only describable by a physical reaction, whether bumping of the head, rolling of the shoulders or stomping of the feet. Sosumi aren’t finished for the year just yet!

Bomba Estereo & Will Smith – Fiesta (R3hab Remix) [Banger !!!] [Buy @ iTunes]

Bomba Estereo & Will Smith – Fiesta (Reez Remix)

Bomba Estereo & Will Smith – Fiesta (BURNS Remix)

Carl Tricks – Scuba Dive (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] –  It’s here! The brand new club destroyer by Carl Tricks! This progressive house record is full of positive vibes, with its high energy level, dirty beats and catchy melodies! Gear up, Dive in and get ready to go wild!

Duke & Jones x Duckworthsound feat. Hawkboy – Mansa (Original Mix) [Bomb]

Fred Issue, Anero & Pablo Henrique – Strike (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Helena Legend – Storm (Original Mix) [Bomb] [Buy @ Beatport]

JDG x Samual James feat. Karra – Dynasty (Mumbai) (Extended Mix)  [Buy @ Beatport] Journey aboard the magic carpet ride that is JDG & Samual James‘ booming progressive monster “Dynasty (Mumbai)“. The record updates the original “Mumbai” by adding triumphant vocals from KARRA, while still maintaining the deadly effective female chant line. Add a weighty bass rhythm that’s as persistent as it is grooving and you’ve got a collaborative release that cuts to the essence of both Melbourne superstars’ big room styles.

MaxRiven – Rhythm Is A Dancer (Original Mix)

Phunk Investigation – No Way (Original Mix)

Phunk Investigation – No Way (Andrea Roma Remix)

Phunk Investigation – No Way (Swyft Remix)

Phunk Investigation – Noizer (Original Mix)

Ricky Pedretti – Hypnos (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] WKND Records is proud and excited to present its 23rd release: Ricky Pedretti is back with his brand new single ‘Hypnos‘ !!! When I snap my fingers, you will press play and experience “Hypnos“!

Steve Angello – Knas (JapaRoLL Rework) [Bomb]

Talla 2XLC & Andre Visior – Horizons (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Third Party – Waiting (Radio Edit)


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